Air Amplifiers

For circulating large volumes of air. Patented design with special shim.


EXAIR air amplifiers provide the greatest amplification and are the most efficient. In the patented* design, a special shim is used to hold the critical position of certain parts. The result is that an exact amount of compressed air is released at exactly the right locations relative to the core of the EXAIR air amplifier. These air jets produce a constant flow at high speed over the entire diameter of the outlet side.

Ambient air is sucked through the air amplifier, resulting in even greater air amplification. The balanced airflow at the exhaust prevents “noise”; therefore, the EXAIR air amplifier is about 3x quieter than regular air amplifiers.

EXAIR air amplifiers come with a.003″ (0.08 mm) shim, which is ideal for most applications. Flow and force can be increased by replacing the shim with a thicker one, i.e. .006″ (0.15mm) or .009″ (0.23mm) shim.

Advantages over fans:
• Compact, lightweight, portable
• No electricity required
• Force and flow adjustable
• Inlet and outlet can be easily connected to pipe or hose
• No moving parts – no maintenance
• Immediately on/off

Advantages over venturi-nozzles and ejectors:
• More air displacement with less compressed air
• Larger air gain
• Low noise
• Complies with US OSHA pressure/noise regulations
• No internal constrictions