EXAIR safety air guns

EXAIR safety air guns are durable, comfortable, efficient and safe when used in conjunction with the EXAIR air nozzles. All EXAIR safety air guns for compressed air are designed for intensive industrial use.

EXAIR safety air gun: 7 different versions available

  • EXAIR Variblast Precision safety blow guns with variable blow strength and plastic grip.
  • EXAIR Variblast safety air gun with variable blow strength and aluminum grip..
  • EXAIR Soft Grip safety air gun are ideal for hours of use with fatigue.
  • EXAIR Heavy Duty safety air gun, which delivers high blow strength.
  • EXAIR Super Blast safety air gun, the most powerful air gun by EXAIR up to about 13000 Nl/min and 10 kg blow strength.
  • EXAIR Back Blow safety air gun for blowing out deep holes.
  • EXAIR Soft Grip Air Scraper: a combination of a scraper jet and a nozzle for removing stubborn dirt.

Consultancy & customized solutions

We will gladly help you select the right air gun for your application. Rely on the expertise of our specialists, who will gladly consider and discuss its potential benefits for you. That is how we can offer you a tailored solution for your application. Feel free to contact us for advice.