Turbo Blast

Powerful turbo safety air guns with a very high air flow.


EXAIR TurboBlastĀ® safety air guns are extraordinary, ergonomic nozzles that produce a very high air flow and deliver a power of up to about 10 kg. The safety light gun has a soft grip and a single finger button that activates a powerful air flow. A slide valve is available to directly adjust the air flow according to the needs of the needs of the application. The robust cast aluminum handle is surrounded by an overmolded soft yet robust elastomer handle that is also UV and chemical resistant.

The handle contains an inconspicuous trigger button, which keeps the trigger protected when it drops. An automatic air shut-off mechanism takes effect as soon as the EXAIR TurboBlast is released or drops to prevent injury to operators. This trigger requires only a small amount of pressure to activate the nozzles to remove stubborn dirt, slag, flashes or liquids used in various aggressive processes. Basic models have an extension of 1′ (304.8 mm), but can also be ordered with an extension of 3′ (914 mm) or 6′ (1829 mm). Nozzle protectors are included with all models. These versions also include the gate valve.