Adjustable Spot Coolers series

Adjustable spot cooling system (two cold outlets) with a rotatable magnetic base.


The EXAIR Adjustable Spot Cooler on compressed air is an economical, reliable and low-maintenance solution for many spot cooling challenges. The temperature is easily adjustable for your application (from -34˚C to room temperature).

A rotatable magnetic base permits easy mounting and portability. A single-point hose set (with a cone and a fan nozzle) conducts the cold air. 15 & 30 SCFM (425 & 850 SLPM) generators are included, and a 25 SCFM (708 SLPM) generator is installed. An automatic drain filter separator is included to ensure a clean air supply. Flexible hoses for conducting the ice-cold air flow that remain in position. No moving parts for maintenance-free use.