Tube series

Reliable, maintenance-free solution for industrial spot cooling problems.


EXAIR Vortex tubes convert ordinary compressed air into a stream of warm air and a stream of ice-cold compressed air. This is done without electricity and without moving parts. The ice-cold compressed air (temperature adjustable) can be used very specifically for super-fast cooling without coolant.

EXAIR Vortex tubes provide an inexpensive, reliable, maintenance-free solution for a variety of industrial spot cooling problems. Temperatures, flow rates and cooling capacity can all be adjusted to produce temperatures from -50° to +260°F (-46° to +127°C). Using a regular supply of compressed air as a power source, vortex tubes create two air streams, one hot and one cold, without moving parts. They are made of wear-resistant stainless steel, which is ideal for corrosive and hygienic environments. In addition, they are small, lightweight and maintenance-free.