Building materials & constructions

  • Discover high-quality spray nozzles, spray lances and automated spray systems that optimize production processes in various construction applications for building materials and constructions.

    Our precision spray control solutions and advanced spray engineering expertise ensure the exact amount of spray, whether it’s efficiently cooling gases with full evaporation or uniformly coating products on fast-moving conveyors.

    Building materials

    Discover solution confidence with BETE’s precision spray control systems for resin, wax, water and release agent applications during engineering wood production. Troubleshoot problems related to overspraying or underspraying to ensure the production efficiency of chips, mats or tires. Use a precision spraying system for various wood production activities. We also offer various solutions for the flooring and carpet industry. Improve product quality and process operations with BETE’S solutions for flooring and carpet factories. Discover uniform coverage to address issues with over- and under-application of expensive chemicals.

    Cement industry

    BETE’s products will also help you reduce costs, protect equipment and increase efficiency for process optimization in the cement industry. This includes applications such as gas cooling or gas scrubbing, but also dust control. Transporting crushed rock, coal or sand often causes dust clouds to form. A lot of dust can also be released during breakage and demolition work. The dust clouds can be suppressed by spraying them with water – in the form of fine mist – for optimal dust control. Adding fine misted water to the mineral at spill points and hoppers can prevent the formation and spread of excess dust.

    Download our Flexflow Precision Spray Control brochure for more information.


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