Fire protection

  • Fire protection is an application that you hope you will never need, but the correct implementation of various solutions can increase safety and greatly limit any damage. Fire prevention is particularly important in demanding and mission-critical environments. We offer solutions by EmiControls and BETE nozzles for various industries and applications.

    Fire protection with BETE spray nolzzles

    BETE boasts decades of experience in providing effective spraying solutions for various fire protection systems. Our fire protection nozzles function reliably in the most demanding and mission-critical environments. They are trusted to protect offshore drilling and production platforms, petroleum storage and transhipment stations, LNG tanks, refineries and other valuable industrial complexes and equipment.

    Many of BETE’s fire protection nozzles have been tested, evaluated and approved by rigorous third-party systems, including Factory Mutual (FM), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Lloyd’s Register and the US Coast Guard. These parties check that our nozzle production and performance meet the highest standards.

    Fire protection wit EmiControls

    Water mist an important aspect of successful and efficient firefighting. Until now, however, its potential could only be exploited to a limited extent, as it was not possible to distribute water mist across a great distance. However, we were able to overcome this problem by combining water mist with an EmiControls turbine. In addition to high efficiency, water atomization turbines also save resources. Using EmiControls products, we are able to offer a fully automated system based on infrared, which can be combined with various spray nozzles at will.


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