Food & Beverages

  • BETE boasts decades of experience delivering effective sprayer solutions for numerous food and beverage processing applications. We use automatic spraying systems for the precise application of flavors, coatings, antimicrobials and liquids with different viscosities.

    Use our high-quality tank cleaning products to clean and disinfect food and beverage processing drums, preventing bacteria and batch contamination. Our rotary tank cleaning products are known to reduce water and solvent consumption, saving time, resources and money.

    Coating & spraying

    In a bread production line, for example, products may be moistened with water to allow for the adhesion of seeds. More complex coatings are also possible using the same systems. For example, spraying products with heated syrupy liquids such as chocolate or peanut butter. With the solutions of BETE, we can supply a tailor-made selection of solutions for precision spraying specially designed for obtaining a uniform coating of products and equipment in the food industry.


    Our nozzles are able to provide the accuracy needed for applications where a wide range of lubricants and other release agents need to be applied in the exact quantities and with the right coverage. These may be, e.g., lubricating pans, molds or conveyor belts with release agents.

    BETE boasts years of experience in designing and manufacturing nozzles specifically for applying lubricants of all densities and viscosities, and with the power and spray pattern needed to reach critical locations. This includes machine parts, tools and products during production processes.

    For more information, please see our Food and Beverage Processing brochure, which is available for download.


Please feel free to contact our specialists and describe your application and objectives. Our team is happy to help you choose the right solution for your problem. Make use of our expertise and also optimize your industrial process.

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