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  • Droplet separators

    Temperature changes also cause moisture problems, due to “temperature lag” and this is a risk that needs to taken into account in ship and yacht building. The protection of cargo holds is one of Munters’ core activities, for which Spraybest is the exclusive distributor within the BENELUX countries.

    After transporting chemical products on tankers, drying the tanks after cleaning is an effective way to speed up the intake of new cargo. On FPSO vessels, Munters’ air treatment technology serves to control the maintenance costs of platforms. In the shipbuilding and maintenance sector, Munters’ dehumidifiers are also used for protection against corrosion and condensation during sandblasting and painting work. The ventilation inlets of engine rooms and gas turbines of offshore platforms must be protected from the challenging conditions on land and at sea. Rain, hail, dusting water, snow and other airborne particles may penetrate into the ventilation system, resulting in corrosion and wet filters. Engine room inlets require extra attention, both in the field of long-term protection against corrosion, and for the operational reliability of engines and sensitive electronics in critical situations.


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