Waste treatment and recycling

  • There are various application possibilities for BETE and EmiControls products within the waste processing industry. Our customers in this industry include all kinds of waste management companies such as landfills, transformation of waste to energy or resources, as well as companies that operate incinerators.

    BETE supplies high-quality nozzles worldwide for various waste processing challenges. The extensive range of reliable standard products has a proven history of optimizing performance in many waste management applications, including foam control, tank mixing, evaporative removal and cooling. If required, we also offer customized spraying solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Our engineers have the expertise to help you find the most effective solution for your process. The turbines from EmiControls also offer great solutions for the waste processing industry and recycling. Consider, for example, an anti-odour machine to deal with unpleasant odors that are released when processing the waste or a dust control turbine.

    Dust control at landfills and recycling plants

    Recycling- and composting plants can produce harmful dust and odors as a result of storage, shredding and sorting of the various products. This results in an extremely unpleasant working environment, and can also partly represent a risk to the health of the employees. Problems with those who live in the general area are also pre-programmed. Because of this, legislators are increasingly requiring measures for the control of dust either in the form of mobile devices or permanently installed systems.

    We select the appropriate dust control system for our customer after taking into consideration the nature, condition, and size of the recycling operation. The local conditions determine whether there is a need for a fixed installation made up of various nozzle systems, a mobile unit, or a combination of both to control the dust generated effectively. 

    Fire protection at landfills and recycling plants

    Recycling plants and landfills are naturally prone to fire. On the one hand, they represent facilities that store many combustible materials, such as cardboard, paper or wood, which can self-ignite, and on the other hand, items such as batteries that are improperly recycled can often lead to fires.

    Should it lead to a serious situation, such a fire can cause a lot of damage. The glowing parts in the dump must be thoroughly extinguished to prevent them from re-igniting. It is necessary to completely dismantle the mountain of garbage piece by piece, to extinguish the burning embers with water and a carpet of foam. By discovering a fire early and extinguishing it immediately, the damage can be prevented or at least limited. The great possibilities that EmiControls offer with its fire protection installations can help with this.


Please feel free to contact our specialists and describe your application and objectives. Our team is happy to help you choose the right solution for your problem. Make use of our expertise and also optimize your industrial process.


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