DF series – 2-stage frames with filter (DCF)

Tailor-made and ready-to-install air intake system for various applications.

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The MUNTERS DCF 2-stage air intake system combines droplet eliminating profiles and filters that meet more precisely the requirements of the applications and offer an ideal balance between the required efficiency, water loading capacity and the available pressure drop to ensure energy-efficient operation. In particular, extremely small but very damaging droplets that cannot be eliminated entirely during a single-stage mist eliminator will be removed by the DCF systems. Their efficiency is entirely independent from the wind direction and the occurrence of “secondary droplets”.

MUNTERS DCF 2-stage air intake systems are an excellent choice to protect ventilation systems on ships and off-shore installations against all kinds of weather such as
rain, fog, splash water and especially spray containing harmful sea-salt. They are also perfect for use in ventilation systems for coastal buildings. Corrosion and moisture are reduced throughout the entire ventilation system thanks to its high efficiency. DCF systems help to improve the air quality for
people, indoor areas or furniture, storage spaces as well as for sensitive equipment. The systems are fully configurable. Options include various marine-grade materials, flange positions, drainage system, bird screens, colored surfaces
and many others.

How does the MUNTERS DCF 2-stage air intake system function?
MUNTERS DCF 2-stage air intake systems are two-stage
separation systems. The first stage consists of high-quality vane-type mist eliminators. Various types of filter/
coalescers are employed in the second stage. The first stage removes the majority of entrained liquid droplets. The high efficiency of the first stage protects the filter/coalescer in the second stage and thereby prolongs its service life. The second stage filters solid particles and eliminates mist
particles that have passed through the
first stage.