DF series – 3-stage frames with a filter for extreme conditions (DFF)

Protection against all types of droplets, but also filters particles at high air flow velocities.


The MUNTERS DFF 3-stage air intake system is a series of ready-to-install, tailor-made, 3-stage air intake systems for use in special applications. The DFF series not only provides excellent protection against all types of droplets but also filters particles at high air velocities. The DFF series has been designed for air supply systems in marine propulsion systems and auxiliary equipment and for the provision of clean air for ventilation in marine and offshore environments. Harmful salts from the ambient air (solid particles as well as salt dissolved in water) are removed before entering the propulsion system. Air that has passed through the DFF system enters the engine containing less than 0.01 ppm salt (weight). As a particle filtration system, DFF provides high air quality; high efficiency filters cleanse the air of numerous particles that occur in offshore environments.

How does the MUNTERS DFF 3-stage air intake system function?
DFF is a combination of droplet-eliminating profile designs and filters that comply with the strict requirements of the applications and offer an optimal balance between the required separation efficiency, the water loading capacity and the available pressure drop to ensure energy-efficient operation. Efficiency is fully independent of the wind direction and relative moisture levels. DFF air intake systems eliminate very effectively even minute morning mist droplets. They help to improve air quality for people, in indoor spaces and for furniture, storage spaces and sensitive equipment. There are also optional filter stages with anti-sand functions available for challenging conditions. Each DFF system is fully configurable. Options include various marine-grade materials, flange positions, drainage systems, bird screens, anti-icing devices and many others.