DF series – heated frames (DFH)

Complete heated droplet separator frames for snow and icy conditions.


The MUNTERS DFH air intake system with heated frames is a ready-to-install snow and droplet separator for use as air intake in cold climates. The unit provides protection against all sorts of snow particles and rain; thus, it prevents ice from blocking the air intake. The DFH is typically used in cold climates, with snowfall, hail, drifting snow particles and high relative humidity. The DFH separator is available in aluminum and stainless steel alloys and, therefore, is suitable for a wide range of applications. The separator can be configured to various individual purposes and installations, providing a cost effective solution. The choice of sensor options allows for the best adaptation to the weather conditions in order to reduce the electrical consumption.

How does the MUNTERS DFH air intake system with heated frames function?
The MUNTERS DFH air intake system with heated frames consists of a separator and a control unit. The separator unit accommodates vertical profiles with heating devices. Captured snow and hail particles either coalesce or melt on the heated surface. Melted particles drop down to the bottom and are drained through the eliminator via a heated outlet.

Depending on the application, the control unit can incorporate an integrated FI switch, sensors and additional electrical components. The control unit comes as a separate part and is installed in close proximity to separator. A single control unit can operate several separators, provided that they are installed in the same space.