Munters DF2100 series droplet separators

Droplet separators for many applications with efficient droplet separation and low pressure drop.


MUNTERS DF2100 droplet separators are an excellent choice for keeping rain, mist and larger fog droplets out of ventilation systems in buildings and ships. This prevents corrosion, extends filter service life and reduces moisture in the overall system.

The MUNTERS DF2100 droplet separator provides efficient droplet separator and low pressure drop, even under high air flow velocity, which saves energy. The droplet separator can be configured for highly individual performance and installations, providing a cost saving solution. These configuration options include, e.g. alternative materials and drainage systems, as well as add-ons, such as flanges and protective mesh. The DF2100 droplet separator is an excellent choice for keeping rain, mist and larger fog droplets out of buildings or nautical ventilation systems. This extends the service life of the filter and reduces corrosion as well as the overall moisture in the entire system.

Applications for MUNTERS DF2100 droplet separators
The DF2100 droplet separators can also be used for industrial applications, e.g., in gas scrubbers, air intakes and condensors. The unit is suitable for use with face velocity between 2 and 6 m/s. The streamlined separator deflects the droplet-charged gas flow. As a result, the thrust force of the droplets causes them to collide with the surface of the profile. The droplets coalesce and form a fluid film; under the result of the gravity, the liquid flows to the underside of the profiles. Specially shaped separator chambers improve the performance through a better separation of the fine droplets and a guaranteed unrestricted outflow of the liquid. To prevent a “flooding” of the profiles and the renewed inflow of the separated liquid, the height of the profile sections of the droplet separators is mostly limited to 2,500 mm.