Munters DF2500 series droplet separators

Droplet separators, specifically designed for use behind cooling coils and for air intake.


The MUNTERS DF2500 droplet separator provides high efficiency droplet separation and low pressure drop, even at high face velocity. The DF2500 droplet separator is the best choice for removing moisture behind cooling coils. Condensation droplets could be carried over into the system. This carry-over can saturate filters, cause pressure drop and reduced the service life of filters. Eliminating moisture carry-over into ductwork reduces corrosion and maintenance, eliminates invisible leakage from HVAC outlets and prevents bacterial growth. The DF2500 droplet separator is designed to be used mainly behind cooling coils and in air intakes. The unit is suitable for use at face velocities between 2 and 5 m/s.

MUNTERS DF2500 droplet separators are easy to use in numerous applications. Available in various material combinations and with configuration that make them suitable for a range of operating conditions. The droplet separator can be configured for specific performance and installations, providing cost saving solutions. The configuration options include alternative materials and drainage systems, or add-ons such as flanges and protective mesh.

Applications for MUNTERS DF2500 droplet separators
The DF 2500 is the perfect solution for removing condensate behind the cooling spoils. Condensate droplets may occur in the system. This transfer can cause downstream filters to saturate, which may lead to a higher pressure drop and reduce the service life of the filter, and wear and tear may occur in the piping. Eliminating the transfer of moisture to the piping reduces corrosion and maintenance, eliminates invisible leakage at HVAC outlets and reduces smells and the growth of mold, which may stimulate the occurrence of pathogenic bacteria.