Munters DF3500 series droplet separators

An excellent choice for air intakes of various applications on ships and offshore installations.


The MUNTERS DF3500 droplet separator is an excellent choice for air intakes in applications on ships and offshore installations. The Munters DF3500 droplet separator is a ready-to-install droplet separator that is ready for use. Available in different material combinations and with configurations that make it suitable for a variety of operating conditions.

MUNTERS DF3500 droplet separators offer efficient droplet separation and low pressure drop even at high face velocity. The droplet separator can be configured for highly specific performance and installations, providing a cost-saving solution. Some of these configuration options include alternative materials and drainage systems, or add-on functions such as flanges and protective mesh.

Applications for MUNTERS DF3500 droplet separators
Very suitable for preventing splash water, seawater, mist and large fog droplets in the ventilation system. The DF3500 offers excellent protection against water, even in harsh natural working environments. It reduces corrosion and extends the service life of the filter, while reducing overall the moisture in the entire system. The unit is suitable for use with a face velocity of up to 6 m/s.