Munters DV-series – Vane-type

Vane-type mist eliminators for vertical gas flow under gravity.

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DV droplet separators are vane-type mist eliminators for vertical gas flow. The gas flow charged with liquid droplets is directed through separator chambers, which are designed for maximum effect on the gas flow. Due to the inertial forces of the water particles, they are expelled from the gas flow and collect on the profile. These small droplets coalesce into large droplets, which are subsequently drained off by gravity. V-shaped grooves on the separator plates ensure that fluids are properly drained off and drip back against the vertical gas flow into the sump.

MUNTERS DV mist eliminators cause an extremely low pressure drop and are equipped with flushing/cleaning systems for sensitive applications. They require little maintenance; the modules are easy to clean, even during operation. Available in a wide range of materials; special materials available on request.

Optimization of the flow ensures better processing and stability. Thanks to the MUNTERS DV mist eliminators, you benefit from a longer service life of coarse and fine separators and reduced maintenance times. It eliminates loss of product and downstream wear.