MUNTERS DF mist eliminators

Munters DF mist eliminators are ready-to-install mist eliminators for use in a wide range of applications with a horizontal gas flow, such as HVAC systems, in marine and off-shore conditions, as well as for onshore use. The Munters DF series is available in various material combinations and configurations to fit a wide range of operating conditions. Munters DF mist eliminators ensure high efficiency in droplet separation and low pressure drops even at high air velocities.

The mist eliminator can be assembled to satisfy many individual performance and installation requirements. Choice of materials, outfeed system flanges and protective grids are just some of the options. The surface of the mist eliminator can be treated in different ways, such as powder coating, varnishing and anodizing.

Consultancy &amp customized solutions

We will gladly advise you about mist eliminators by Munters. Rely on the expertise of our specialists, who will gladly consider and discuss their potential benefits for you. That is how we can offer you a tailored solution for your application. Feel free to contact us for advice.