DynaVariacor fire swivel joints

DynaVariacor fire swivel joints

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DynaVariacor Fire (fire extinguishing) joints have been specifically designed to create a flexible connection between the hose and the extinguishing monitor or extinguishing robot. The large internal diameters allow for the throughput of large volumes of extinguishing water.

The freely swiveling joint enhances the flexibility of the fire hose, which makes it easier to use in hard-to-reach locations and reduces the recoil when opening kickback when opening the extinguishing jet.

Features of DynaVariacor Fire swivel joints

  • Internal diameters of ø25mm, ø40mm en ø65mm
  • Connecting sizes G1″, G1-1/2″, G2″ and G2-1/2″
  • Operating temperature: -10ºC — +80ºC