DynaVariacor high-pressure swivel joints

DynaVariacor high-pressure swivel joints

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DynaVariacor high-pressure joints are suitable for a wide range of applications up to a pressure of 630 bar, where the freely swiveling joints enhance flexibility and convenience in use. DynaVariacor high-pressure joints offer a free throughput for air, water, oil, glue and many other gases and liquids.

Made of stainless steel RVS316 and available in three versions: with double freely rotatable fittings, single freely rotatble fittings and right turning.

Features of DynaVariacor high-pressure swivel joints

  • ø4mm throughput up to 630 bar and maximum operating pressure 150°C
  • ø6mm throughput up to 250 bar and maximum operating temperature 200°C
  • Available with different types of seals, e.g., EPDM, polyurethane, Viton, Teflon and nitrile.